12 cool ways to open File Explorer on Windows 10

files are important for us. we save our personal and work files on our PC.there could be multiple types of files that we may be having on our windows 10 PC and the file explorer on windows 10 gives us instant access to our folders and files.

whether you are an Advanced user or new to windows 10, there are multiple ways to open file Explorer on your Windows 10 PC.some of which you may be knowing and some you don’t know.

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so we have shown you the 12 ways to open file Explorer on Windows 10 that you should definitely try.

let’s see the 12 cool ways to Open file Explorer on Windows 10

1.Windows Search

Windows Search can be also used to open file Explorer on your Windows 10 PC. to do that, go to the search option and type file explorer. you will see file explorer appears in the search result and hit enter to launch it or just make a mouse click on it open file explorer.

Windows Search menu

2.Start Menu

Start menu has multiple ways to open file explorer and i am showing you 2 of them .

  1. Click on the start button on the lower left and you will see a list of programs that you have n your PC. search for the Windows system and you will find file Explorer under the Windows system. just make a click on file explorer to open it.
start menu programs

2. you can also pin a shortcut of the File Explorer in the tiles section of the start menu. to pin file explorer in the tiles section of the start menu, go to search and type file Explorer. now in the right pane, you will see file explorer, and in the drop-down menu, select the pin to start option. file explorer is now pinned in the tiles menu of the start menu.

file explorer search result

3.Run Window

Run Window can be also used to open file Explorer. to open file Explorer with the Run command, press the Windows Key + R key shortcut. this will open the Run command.

in the open command box, type explorer and click ok .this will open file Explorer.

run command for open file explorer

4. Command Prompt

Command prompt is mostly used by advanced users and you should only use it if you are an advanced user or know how to use the command prompt properly.to open file Explorer using command prompt, open command prompt and type explorer, and press enter key. this open file Explorer.

5. Windows Powershell

Windows Powershell can also be used to Access file explorer. this is very similar to the command prompt way, which you can use to open file explorer.

open the Windows Powershell and in the Powershell window, type explorer and hit enter. this will open file explorer.

windows powershell menu

6. Task Manager

this is a lesser-known method to open file explorer. to open a file explorer from task manager, make a right-click on your taskbar and select task manager.

this will open the task manager. now go to the file option and select run the new task and in the create new task window, type Explorer and hit ok to open file explorer.

task manager create new task window

7.Keyboard Alt shortcut

this is another alternate keyboard shortcut to open pinned programs of the taskbar.

as our file manager is pinned on the taskbar, you can open a new shortcut. you can use the Windows key + Number key shortcut to open file explorer on windows 10.

taskbar shortcut menu

As the corresponding position of the file explorer on my taskbar is Number 1, I will press the windows key + 1, which will open the file explorer, which is the first item on my taskbar.

8. Keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts are also the fastest ways to open your desired programs. the quickest way to open file manager is to use the Windows key + E keyboard shortcut.

9. Secret Start menu

The Secret start menu also known as the power user menu can be also used to access file explorer on Windows 10 PC.

to Access file manager from the secret start menu, use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut and select file explorer.

10.Desktop Shortcut

Desktop shortcuts are one of the fastest ways to open any program. you can create a desktop shortcut for file explorer to get instant access to it.

to create a desktop shortcut of file explorer, left-click on the start menu and go to Windows system. now make a left click on file explorer to drag it on the desktop.

you have created the desktop shortcut for file manager, just like other programs, click on it to open file explorer.

11. Taskbar

Windows 10 by default has the file explorer icon located on the taskbar. to open a file explorer from the taskbar, simply click on the file explorer icon.

but if you don’t have the file explorer option pinned on the taskbar, just open the file manager and make a left click on it and select, pin to taskbar option.


Cortana can also open file explorer for you. just hit the Cortana icon and hit the microphone icon and say, open file explorer. Cortana will now open file manager for you.

hope these 12 ways to open file explorer will help and save your time.do comment down if I have missed any other method that you may be knowing.

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