India’s first RISC-V based Chip is Here: Linux boots on Shakti processor!

India’s first RISC-V based silicon chip got success results in the design process!

Computer processors work on instruction sets, which are basically commands that tell the processor what to do. An example might be a command to move a value into memory or a command that multiples a value in one memory address with the value in another memory address.
Shakti is a Sanskrit word and it literally means Power/The Great Divine Mother.

There are two main types of processor architecture as you identified – CISC (Complex Instruction Set Computing) used by x86 processors and RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing) used by ARM processors.

RISC-based (ARM) chips tend to be used in small, low-power devices such as smartphones due to their low power usage, low footprint, and relatively low cost – hence their use in the Raspberry Pi.

Shakti processor is a low-power prototype, they were interested in optimizing power and area.
currently, it’s clocking at 400MHz, DMIPS/MHz – 1.67.

shakti processor image
source: ShaktiProcessors twitter

Will it replace the ‘Qualcomm snapdragon 845’ chip from your smartphone?
probably not but it’s a very good sign that we might see future computing devices with this Indian chip.

more details can be tracked from their official twitter account: ShaktiProcessors

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