5 best free Ninja games for android 2021

Best ninja games for Android. many of us have grown watching ninja shows and loved them. Many people are searching about the warrior ninja games and many of them are available to play on the Android app store. so if you are looking for some of the best ninja games for your android devices with amazing graphics and control then keep reading.

here are the 5 best free Ninja games for android.

1.Ninja warrior: legend of adventure.

Ninja warrior game
source : Google playstore

Ninja warrior: legend of adventure is one of the best ninja games for Android. the Game is developed by TOH games and has over 10+ Million downloads in the Google play store.

Graphics in the game are cool and action-packed and the game is very adventurous and with multiple levels that are impressive. In this game, players transform into ninja warriors.

as a ninja, you have to rescue the hostages and kill the enemies and destroy the enemy’s area.

Ninja warrior has superhuman skills like slashes, acrobatics skills, hidden paddles, and lighting fast darts.

2.Shadow fight 3

shadow fight 3
source ; Google playstore

Shadow fight is another ninja game for ninja warrior game lovers. Shadow fight 3 is developed by Nekki-action and fighting games and over 100+ Million downloads in the Google play store.

The game has one of the best graphics. In the game, you are a ninja warrior who fights with many dangerous enemies and some enemies are very aggressive and some wait for you to make any mistakes.

There are tons of weapons and armor to kill the enemies. You also have different styles and unique styles to kill. Also, have swords and helmets and you also customize the character you have chosen.

People who want great graphics in a ninja warrior game, then this game is the best.

3.Ninja Arashi 2

Ninja Arashi 2 game
source: Google Playstore

Ninja Arashi 2 is the sequel to Ninja Arashi. Ninja Arashi 2 is developed by black panther games and has over 1+ Million downloads in the Google play store.

In Ninja Arashi 2, the player becomes a ninja, and the ninja’s son is kidnapped by the enemy. you fight with enemies to save your son from the enemy. The graphics are cool and the controls are also good.

Total super cool 80 levels in the game and you can also upgrade your character’s skills like slashes, higher jumping, fast running and etc. Playing this game is easy and control is very good. This is another cool ninja game that is worth giving a try.

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4.Shadow of death 2: shadow fighting game.

shadow of death 2 game

Shadow of Death 2 is another good best ninja warrior game on the Google play store. Shadow of death 2 is developed by Bravestars games and over 1+ Million downloads in the Google play store.

Graphics of the game are awesome and character has different styles to attack on enemies.

You can also customize a character’s as per your choice. the missions are challenging and dangerous. A large collection of weapons and swords are available to kill the enemies. This is also a great ninja game.

5.Shadow knight: legends

shadow knight legends game
source : Google playstore

Shadow knight is a great ninja warrior game. Shadow knight is developed by Fansipan limited and has over 1 +Million downloads in the Google play store. graphics are cool and awesome in Shadow Knight: legends.

Shadow knight is an endless dark fantasy battle game. as a Ninja, you are killing demons and enemies in adventurous towns, forests, dungeons.

Levels in the game are very challenging and you can customize a character’s as your style. And with killing enemies in combat styles. You can also upgrade weapons, skills by the points by killing enemies.

these ninja games are totally free and some of them may have in-app purchases. Google play store is filled with many Ninja games, but these 5 games are worth giving a try and will be favorite ones too. so enjoy being a ninja in these 5 great ninja battle games.

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