5 Best games for Android Go phones.

In this world and everyone want to play games on their mobile phones. And many people play games to remove stress, for timepass in free times or break times. There are tonnes of games releasing in the play store and apple app store .so we have found 5 best free games for Android Go users and these games require low space on your phone and are perfect for android Go Phones as all these are under 50Mb.

here are the Best games for Android Go phones

1.Dr. Driving.

dr driving game
source : Google Playstore

Dr. Driving is one of the best game under 10 Mb. This game is developed by studio up down Inc and Dr driving has 10+ Million downloads in Google play.
The game is a driving simulator means how to drive, how to park a car and how to drift the car etc. The game is simple to play but while playing , the game feels realistic.
the Game offers limitless challenges and missions to play. you will love playing Dr driving . This is the best game for Android Go phones.

Download it : install Dr. Driving.

2.BMX Boy

BMX Boy gmae
source: Google Playstore

BMX Boy is another best game under 10 MB. BMX Boy game is developed by runner games and this has 50+ Million downloads in Google play store.
It is a different type of racing game in which you can perform a variety of tricks like speeding bikes, jumping, etc.
you only need to accelerate to score points and win the race. In the game, the game has 3 different terrains and has 90 super cool levels to play. This one of the best games under 10 MB.

Download it : install BXM boy.

3.Break the prison.

break the prison game
source: Google Playstore

Break the prison game is another best game for Android Go devices with 10 Mb in size. This game was developed by candy games and has 50+ Million downloads in Google Play Store.
In this game, you have to develop and elaborate the plan to escape from prison as you have been sentenced for a crime you have not committed. And you need to develop tools and solve the puzzles and have to perform the tasks.
the game has 40+ different levels to play and has 8 different cells to escape. This game is popular in the arcade games actegory on the Google play store.

Download it : install break the prison.

4.Modern sniper.

modern sniper game
source: Google Playstore

Modern sniper game is a first person shooter game in the play store. The game has 3d realistic graphics.
The graphics are good but do not compare it with other high intensive graphics games. In this game, you are a sniper and have to kill enemies in a mission.
The game has 6 uniques maps and has 7 realistic weapons you have to choose to upgrades. You have to earn currency to enhance power. 50+ million downloads in Google play store.
This game is best for those who want a shooting game under 10 Mb.

Download it : install modern sniper.


mekorama game

Mekorama is one of the most popular puzzle game on the Google play store. The game is developed by Martin Magni and has 10million downloads in the Google play store.
In the game, you have to help the robot to build a home. The robot is cute and the graphics of the game are good.
You have to control the robot and solve the puzzles at each level to further progress. This is one of the best puzzle games under 10 Mb.
The game has 50 levels to play or solve the problem. The graphics are awesome.

Download it : install mekorama

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