5 best games like Dr. Driving for Android in 2021

best games like Dr. Driving for Android? Dr. Driving is one of the most popular games amongst android smartphone users. the game is lightweight with some cool graphics and the game is light on phone resources. while there are many other games on the Google play store, but many of them are not good and I have found some of the 5 best games like Dr. Driving that you can play on your android smartphone that will take you to take back of the steering wheel to drive your car.

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the 5 best games like Dr. Driving for Android in 2021

1. Driving School Sim – 2020

Diving School sim 2020 game image

Driving School Sim – 2020 developed by Ovidiu Pop and is one of the best games like Dr. Driving. The game is based on a driving simulator and you will learn how to drive a car. In the game, you will get supercars, sedans, SUV cars, and Hypercars. In the game, you get both manual and automatic transmission cars. You will drive the car with virtual steering and other controls are also provided. you will learn the road rules and car rules too. you will be driving your car in multiple cities. You will get 150+ cars to drive with realistic maps and have to pass the car exam test in every new city you drive your car. the multiplayer option is also available where you can play with your friends in online mode. There are so many control options like tilt steering, buttons, and others that make the game fun to play.

2. Car Simulator OG

Car Simulator OG game image

Car Simulator OG takes second place on best games like Dr. Driving. Car Simulator OG is developed by Oppana games. the game is fun to play with detailed car models and as you get behind the wheel of the car. you can cruise in the city with your friends. you also get a 360-degree view of your car cabin. the game lets you create your own racing rules and you can challenge real players in online mission races. the game offers daily bonuses with first-person mode and interactive gameplay. the game contains additional 6 cars that have a part missing which you can unlock by completing missions.

3.Racing in Car 2

Racing in Car 2

the third place is taken by Racing in Car 2.the game has one of the best and realistic graphics for driving games. Racing in Car 2 is developed by fast free games. Racing in Car 2 is an endless 3D game. The game is best in playing and the graphics of the game are realistic and cool.you have to drive as fast as you can and overtake vehicles to earn coins and buy a new car.the game has simulator like controls with a realistic 3D view of the cockpit and different locations to drive car.

4.School Driving 3D

School Driving 3D game image

School Driving 3D is developed by Ovidiu Pop. School Driving 3D is another game that takes you behind the steering wheel of your vehicle. You can drive cars, trucks, and buses of your choice in the game. you can explore the city in your car with 40+ different levels to play. you have different licenses to drive trucks, buses, and cars. the game offers smooth and realistic car handling and has real sound for each vehicle. the game is worth giving a try.

5. Extreme SUV Driving Simulator

Extreme SUV Driving Simulator game image

Extreme SUV Driving Simulator is developed by AxeslnMotion Racing. the game is an off-road car simulator game with 4×4 SUV cars to drive. the game lets you perform illegal stunt actions without any police chase. you can climb a hill, drift, or even perform a burnout in the game. the game has realistic car damage, different camera angles with different driving modes, and accurate driving physics. the game is a total off-roading game with different 4×4 SUV cars to drive and realistic graphics.

these 5 games like Dr. Driving are worth giving a try as they have cool graphics and cars to drive from. the games are also light on system resources. hope you enjoy them playing on your android phones.

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