5 Free Photo storage Services to use in 2021 – Google Photos Alternatives

Google Photos has been an amazing service to store our photos and videos, while the free unlimited Photo storage option of Google Photos will be coming to an end on June 1, 2021, and every photo which you will be uploading on your Google photos will be counted in the 15GB free storage that comes with every Google account. as there are many free Photo storage services, I have found out the best 5 Free Photo Storage Services that you should use in 2021 and these can also be the Google Photos Alternatives that you are looking for and all these services are cloud-based with free storage ranging from 5GB to 100GB.

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the Free Photo Storage Services to use in 2021- Google Photos Alternatives

1.Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos can be one of the Google Photos Alternatives that can be used anytime. As most of us use Amazon for Shopping and have a prime membership of Amazon, so why not use it for getting free unlimited photo storage with full resolution and 5 GB of video storage.

unlike Google Photos, which compresses our images, Amazon photos let you upload your images in full resolution, and even if you do not have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get 5GB video and Photos storage service combined.


MEGA is based in New Zealand and is a cloud storage and file hosting, provider. MEGA is a popular file hosting platform and provides reliable storage services to its users. the files on the MEGA platform are encrypted with keys that you can control, meaning that even the staff at MEGA cannot view your files. in addition to being available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, MEGA also has Android and ios Apps for smartphone users and also has a browser extension.

MEGA gives 50Gb of free storage on signup and you should be aware that after 30 days, the storage count drops to 15GB. so if you are someone who has Photos of more than 15GB, then MEGA may not come in handy.

You can also checkout the MEGA paid plans , if you are willing to pay for storage.


Most of us must have heard about Flickr, founded back in 2004, Flickr has changed its services over time and it is quite popular among photographers for hosting their photos online and the Flickr community has grown to 2 million members. Flickr lets you upload 1000 images in full resolution in the free plan and also lets you showcase your best photos and follow photographers you appreciate.

and if you ever need more space, then Flickr has 3 plans, the monthly plus plan starts at $6.99/month with the annual plan starting at $5/month and 3 months pro plan starts at $18.99/every 3 months, with all the Flickr plans to have unlimited storage and are Ad-free.

4.Microsoft Onedrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service that most Windows PC users have already used. Microsoft Onedrive is not only available for Windows, but also for Android, Mac, and ios users.

All your folders that are backed up from your PC are available online in your Onedrive account without even needing to download and you can share your files and folders with someone who does not have an Onedrive account.

As Microsoft365 also has paid plans, the free plan has 5GB of storage and you can upgrade to the paid version anytime.


degoo cloud is not well known like Flickr and MEGA but surely does its job. degoo is a cloud storage service that is based in Sweden and offers a massive 100GB of cloud storage for free and the only thing to dislike is that you can only upload files up to 512MB in size. this may not be an issue if you are only using it for photos and degoo does not have any download limit and the files are encrypted. you can earn 500GB of extra storage by inviting friends with 5GB of space per referral and also no degoo account is needed to receive files and you also need to keep logging in to your degoo account to keep it active as they have a 90-day account inactivity feature.

while the 100Gb of cloud space is enough for storing photos, you can upgrade to degoo’s paid plans anytime with the Pro 500GB plan starting at $3/month and ultimate 10TB cloud space plan starting at $9.99/month.


All these 5 free Photo storage services are cloud-based with storage space ranging from 5Gb to 100GB and these services also have paid plans for you to upgrade anytime. while if you still want to use Google Photos to store your photos, then you should definitely try the Google One storage service. hope you enjoy using these free photo storage services that can also be your Google Photos alternatives.

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