5 Free Screenshot software for Windows and Mac

if you have ever taken screenshots on your Windows 10 PC or in your web browser, you had already known that there are some limitations to these built-in tools on your computer. thankfully there is some free screenshot software that can capture anything on your screen with their extended functionalities.

here we have compiled the 5 free screenshot software for windows and Mac PC users that are free with extended functionalities and are not heavy on system resources and will make your screenshot capturing work easier.

Here’s the 5 free screenshot software for Windows and Mac.


Sharex tops the list of the best free screenshot software for windows and Mac as it is free and open source and also light on your system resources. this also makes it a perfect choice for those whose computer have outdated specs.

Sharex is available for windows 7 or newer versions. it is the most featured-packed screenshot capturing tool.it has more than a dozen screenshot capturing modes. some of those modes include fullscreen, active window, text capture(OCR), screen capture (gif), and more.

after screen capture tasks include save the image to file, open the image in the editor, scan QR code, show the file in explorer, and much more. you can edit your screenshot with a built-in image editor and upload it to google photos, Imgur, and many other photo uploading platforms.

the text capture feature lets you upload your text to pastebin,hastebin,github gist and pastie.

to make a capture, go to capture and the select the mode in which you want to capture your screenshot. also do checkout the numerous tools that are built-in sharex like video converter, color picker ,image uploader etc.

Go to : Sharex website

sharex capture image

2. PicPick

PicPick is available for windows only and is an all-in-one design tool for everyone as long as you want something more than a snipping tool on your Windows PC.

PicPick has dozens of screen capture modes like a fullscreen, active window, window control, scrolling window, fixed region, freehand. also some features like color picker, protractor, ruler and more are added to it.

The PicPick UI is very much similar to that of Microsoft office.

to make a capture with PicPick, just open PicPick and select your capture mode and you are done. PicPick is free for personal use and for Professionals it cost $29.99 as a one-time fee.

Go to : PicPick website

PicPick UI image


Greenshot screenshot capture tool has been a favorite of many and is a simple tool that is open source. Greenshot screen capture lets you annotate and highlight parts of your captured screenshot.it also lets you upload your captures to photo upload sites like Flickr and more.

to capture a screenshot using Greenshot, go to the system tray on the taskbar and click on the screenshot icon and select the option to capture the window if you want to capture the whole window or capture the region and capture the full screen.

After capturing screenshot, you can save it to your computer or copy to clipboard or even edit in Greenshot’s built in image editor which has options like adding text, cropping, adding graphic and more.

Greenshot is available for both Windows and Mac users. it is completely free for Windows and Mac users have to pay $1.99.

Go to : Greenshot website

greenshot screen capture UI


Tiny take is not only a screen capture tool but also a video recording software, that lets you share your screenshot and record video for free.

Tiny take has a built-in editor, robust toolbar, and image enhancer for your screenshots.it also has screen capture modes like full screen, capture region, capture window and it can also capture from the webcam. the tiny take editor has plenty of tools to add annotation, special effects, and other formatting tools.

the basic plan is free for personal use with video recording for 5 minutes only and 2 GB of storage on their servers. Tiny take is available for both Windows and Mac.

Go to : Tiny Take website


Monosnap makes it to the 5th position on the 5 free Screenshot software for Windows and Mac. unlike many screenshot tools built-into browser and browser extensions, you are not limited to what is inside your browser’s window.

it is very easy to use for beginners that lets you capture your entire screen, a selected area, and an open window and also has an edit and annotation tool.

also, you can store your screenshots on your computer or use Monosnap’s cloud storage or any other cloud storage service you are using. also sharing is made easy with share options on Facebook and Twitter, uploading on google drive, dropbox, Amazon S3, and also SFTP.

Monosnap is available for Both windows and Mac OS users.

Go to : Monosnap website

Bonus Picks

we have selected 2 bonus picks that are worth giving a try. you can give a try to Screenpresso and Techsmith capture (Jing). both of the Screenshot software is good and worth giving try.

we hope that you like the article and give try to these 5 Free Screenshot software for Windows and Mac. also share and comment if I have missed something.

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