Adding Gmail SMTP settings in cloudways server

Adding Gmail SMTP settings to cloudways server? Gmail SMTP is a very little-known feature that Gmail has and if you are running a website, then sending and receiving emails is a crucial part of a website’s success and for a successful email marketing campaign.

And if you are a cloudways user, you are aware that cloudways does not provide a free mail service like webmail to its user. you can use the Elastic email Add-on service to email SMTP service for your cloudways server, but it’s a paid SMTP service.

but don’t worry, you can configure Gmail SMTP for your cloudways server.

this article will help you add Gmail SMTP settings to cloudways server. but before starting, this guide is just about adding Gmail SMTP settings in cloudways server and not about how to enable or Configure Gmail SMTP in your google account.

Adding Gmail SMTP settings in cloudways server the right way

Before Adding the Gmail SMTP settings, make sure you have enabled 2 step verification and generated App password that we will use for Gmail SMTP settings in our cloudways server.

step 1 – login to your cloudways account using your email and password.

step 2 – after you have logged in to your cloudways account, now select your server.

step 3 – Now, open your server settings and click on the SMTP option in the left menu bar and you will see the SMTP settings panel like the below image.

cloudways SMTP settings panel

step 4 – Select the SMTP dropbox and you will see 2 options prompting Your Own SMTP and Elastic Email which is a paid Add-on from cloudways.

As we are setting up Gmail SMTP on our cloudways server, select Your Own SMTP option.

step 5 – In the next option, there will be multiple email gateways listed and you have to select other as your option.

cloudways Email gateway options

step 6 – In the host option, enter as your host.

step 7 –In the Port option, enter 587(TLS) as your Port over 465(SSL) Port as it is recommended by cloudways too.

step 8 – In the username field, you have to enter your gmail account address.

step 9 – In the password field, enter the App password which you have generated earlier in your Gmail account.

hit the save option and you are done with Adding Gmail SMTP settings to your cloudways server.

to check if your Gmail SMTP is working properly, you can try sending a test email. to send a Test email hit the SEND TEST EMAIL option in the SMTP settings panel and you will get options like the below image.

cloudways Send test email options.

In the Sender field, enter the Sender’s Email and Receiver field will have your Gmail account address, which you have entered in the username field in the SMTP settings.

once done adding the Sender’s Email hit the SEND TEST EMAIL option and your cloudways server will send a test email via the Gmail SMTP which you have added to your server.

Once successful, you will get a notification of a successful test email sent on your screen like the below one.

if you get a notification like the above image, you have successfully added Gmail SMTP settings to your cloudways account.

Hope this guide helps you adding Gmail settings to your Cloudways server. if you have any doubt or problem while adding these SMTP settings, comment them down and I will be happy to guide you.

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