5 best Puzzle games for Android in 2021

Everyone loves solving puzzles and puzzle games are also popular on the Google play store and the Puzzles can be of different types like alphabets, numbers, images, etc. As puzzle games require low space and resources on your android phones, they are played and enjoyed by many people who love puzzles. here I have found the 5 best puzzle games to play on android and if these games require low space and can even play these games on Android go phones.

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the 5 best puzzle games for Android in 2021

1.Numpuz: Classic Number Games, Free Riddle Puzzle

numpuz game image

Numpuz: Classic Number Games, Free Riddle Puzzle is one of the best puzzle games to play on your android smartphone. Numpuz game is developed by Dopuz games. Numpuz game is based on a math puzzle and in the game you have to play the game with logic. In the game, you have to tap and correctly move the number tiles. You can easily Improve your logic and thinking power with this game. there are 6 difficulty levels from beginner to master level and controls are easy, the interface of the game is cool and very attractive, moving the tiles looks like realistic animation. You can test your logic in this game.  Numpuz is challenging and playing the game is fun.

2. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games

magic jigsaw puzzle game image

Magic Jigsaw Puzzle – Puzzle Games is the second game, that is worth playing. the game is developed by ZiMAD.  Magic Jigsaw Puzzle game is the biggest free online puzzle game with a large community. In the game, you have to set up puzzled images into original images. Every day new puzzle packs are added to the game with different types of block boards like wildlife, forests, oceans, etc. In-game there are 6 difficult levels and blocks up to 1000-1200 blocks in one blockboard. Levels in this game are challenging and there are over 30,000 jigsaw puzzles and you can also create your own puzzles.

3. 100 Doors Challenge

100 door game image

100 Doors Challenge is another puzzle game that is different, unlike other puzzle games where you solve images. The game is developed by Protey Apps and In the game, you have to escape from the room and have to open 100 doors and move to the next floor and solve the puzzles. To open the door you have to solve the puzzles like some puzzles are hidden objects, combination objects, etc. The interface and graphics of the game are cool and the animations look realistic. with 9 different locations and amazing levels, the game is simple and impressive to play.

4. Matches Puzzle Game

matches puzzle game image

Matches Puzzle Game is a classic puzzle game. Matches Puzzle Game is developed by Bojan klabjan. In the Matches puzzle game, you have to add, remove and move matchstick to make the best shape or beat the solution. the game has 1000 puzzles to solve and the game is well optimized for any smartphones and also for tablet devices. the game supports 43 languages and the game language is automatically set according to your phone language. Matches puzzle game is a simple as the classic game was invented more than 100 years ago.

5. Word Connect – Word Games Puzzle

Word Connect - Word Puzzle games image

Word Connect-Word Games Puzzle is the best puzzle game for kids in 2021. Word Connect game is developed by Magic Word Games. The game is simple and fun to play, any age group can play this game. In this, you have to connect alphabets in such a way to form a hidden word. the game has a total of 2000+ levels, 100+ packs and you also get daily bonuses. you can connect or find possible words to unlock further levels and many achievements. The Word Connect -Word Games Puzzle is a challenging and very funny game for kids to play and learn new words.

these 5 Puzzle games are the best games in the puzzles category that you will find on the Google Playstore. the games have cool graphics, fun to play, and can improve your logic.if you find it useful, do share it with your friends and family.

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