Best swiftkey app alternatives for android in 2021

SwiftKey keyboard is most popular keyboard. SwiftKey is virtual keyword app which is developed by touchtype. SwiftKey keyboard is integrated with Microsoft services. Firstly SwiftKey is specially developed for Android operating system then afterward also introduced for ios.

SwiftKey keyboard uses artificial intelligence to understand the user’s write and saves the time of the write. The user interface of the SwiftKey is simple and this keyboard fastly works on mobiles. And user’s experience of the keyboard is smoother and simple to use. SwiftKey keyboard supports many languages.
Rating star:- 4.3.
Downloads:- 500+ Million

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Best swiftkey app alternatives

1. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

gboard app
source : Google Playstore

Gboard is famous and most in every android phone. Gboard is a Google keyboard service by default presents in every android.

Gboard gives many wonderful features and a beautiful user interface. You can also customize a keyboard according to your requirements and needs. Gboard also improving the user interface and adding new features nowadays to make a user happy.

The good part of Gboard is that it is google services and voice search is included in keyboard search. You can also search for direct gifs and images by typing. 

Gboard gives Google translate options directly on the keyboard you can translate a language if you want. Gboard also gives the best features and theme settings to make user interface better.

Rating:- 4.4
Downloads:- 1 Billion.

download it : Install Gboard

2.Flesky GIF keyboard – Free Emoji-keyboard & GIPHY

flesky keyboard
source : Google Playstore

Flesky is another best alternative to SwiftKey. Flesky is the best features and amazing options on the keyboard.

Flesky is fewer features compared to Gboard but available features are best and unique. Typing experience in flesky is smoother and the user interface is simple and pretty look.

In flesky smart suggestions options are there while typing like text and emojis. Flesky is the best option to choose as a keyboard in android.

And specially smart suggestions option make surprise while typing and makes working easy.

Flesky is a fast and pretty look of the user interface. Really flesky is making me by smart suggestions options on the keyboard. This is really recommendable for people who are in hurry in typing and for simple UI.

Rating:- 4.4
Downloads:- 5 Million.

download it : Install Flesky

3.Multiling O keyboard.

Multiling o keyboard
source : Google Playstore

Multiling o keyboard is another fast typing keyboard for Android. This also the same as a SwiftKey alternative. Multiling O keyboard has given large free space in the keyboard.

This also based on very minimal features keyboard like flesky but available features are unique and cool which really impressive.

The user interface is smoother and pretty cool as a look. Multiling O Keyboard is supported for more than 200 languages which are awesome.

Customization option you can choose different types of the layout of the keyboard and provides types of gestures like special characters. In this keyboard, I especially like free space to use and a pretty cool UI.

Rating:- 4.3.
Downloads:- 1 Million.

Download it : Install Multiling O Keyboard

4.Go keybord.

best swiftkey app alternatives

This other keyboard like SwiftKey keyboard. Go keyboard is simple minimal and best for Android users.

Go keyboard has 10000 colorful themes to customize as per our own choice, 1000 emojis, and 100 different types of fonts to make user comfort requirements. Go keyboard supports 60 global languages and the keyboard is smooth to use.

The user interface is customizable in different ways as per the user. And smart suggestions option are work very well easily recognize spelling mistakes and corrects a grammar too. The very impressive thing is the colorful layout and customized keyboard background.

Rating:- 4.3
Downloads:- 100 Million.

Download it : Install Go Keyboard

5. Chrooma keyboard – – RGB & Emoji Keyboard Themes

Chrooma keyboard
source : Google Playstore

Chrooma Keyboard is one of the best swipe typing keyboards. This keyboard comes with a number of super gestures and features.

It is based on AI suggests like emojis, punctuation and spelling mistake correction, and grammar.

You can also directly search gif or send them through the chrooma keyboard. It supports multiple languages at once. You can customize a keyboard as your own choice because chrooma gives a number of features and gestures.

The ai-based keyboard has a contextual prediction very easily and makes the keyboard faster to use and the user is also impressed by this.

Downloads:- 1 Million.

Download it : Install Chrooma

So these are the 5 best alternatives to the Microsoft swiftkey keyboard for your android devices and what makes them cool is that they are awesome cool looking keyboards with some additional functionalities. so go install them and improve your typing experience for your android devices.

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