Convert text into speech with this Free chrome extension

the internet is growing and so is the content that gets published on the web. there are hundreds of videos getting uploaded on the web every second and articles are getting published every second on the web too.

while everybody loves to browse the web, there may be times that you are interested in reading an article, but are too lazy to read it. while there is a lot of content to read, some of them are really useful and engaging as they provide value to us, but we want someone to read it for us.

Speech is something that we only listen to when we are interested in a topic. there are times where rather than reading an article, listening to it would be the best.

well, I have found a chrome extension that exactly does this. while if you are a Microsoft Edge user, you can make your browser read text loud by using the read-aloud feature of Microsoft edge.

the extension that can do the same for chrome is called Intelligent speaker. The intelligent speaker is an amazing chrome extension that is an advanced text to speech reader with a human-like voice.

the extension can be used on any chromium-based browser and has an app for android and ios devices. while there are many features it has, some of the notable ones are offline reading, supporting .txt, and doc. files and support for google docs, downloading audio.

the extension support 16 languages and also lets you upload your files from your PC.

here’s how to convert text into speech

first you need to add intelligent speaker to your chrome browser or any browser that is chromium based.

once, you done installing the extension. open a web page that you want to convert text into speech. after opening the web page, click on intelligent speaker extension and its control panel will appear like the below image.

intelligent speaker control panel

clicking on the paper clip icon will let you add .txt and doc files from your computer to the extension.

the + sign lets you save a webpage that you have currently opened. hitting the play button will start the extension to read out articles and you also have rewind and forward buttons. the playback settings let you change the playback speed of the speech reader.

intelligent speaker settings

the other options to the right of the file let you download the file to listen to it in offline mode and delete the saved web page once you are done reading it.

the extension lets you convert text to speech for 1 hour of listening per month in the basic plan which is free with an automatic text detection feature and the premium version is priced at 6.99$ per month.

I hope this extension will help you and save your time and help you become productive.

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