FAU-G now available for download to ios users

Popular Indian alternative to PUBG ( Players unknown battleground), the FAU-G game is now available for ios users to give a try. yes, if you are an apple ios user, you can play the FAU-G game on your Apple iPhone.

studio ncore has released the FAU-G game for ios users and the app is 643.4 MB in size. the release of the game was officially confirmed by Studio ncore Pvt ltd. take a look at the tweet below.

FAU-G is a story-based game where the special units of commandos are guarding the border territory. the commandos come face to face against their enemies and hostile invaders in the game. although the battle royale mode for the game will be released very soon as studio ncore Pvt ltd has also made the announcement for the battle royale mode in the game in the upcoming update.

the game for the apple ios is 643.4 MB and requires ios 10.0 or later to play on the iPhones and iPad OS 10.0 or later for iPad and iPad touch.

unlike other popular games Call of duty and PUBG, FAU-G is available in English, Hindi, and Tamil language. the deathmatch mode of the FAU-G game will have 5v5 mode, where only 10 players will be fighting against each other.

that’s all for the FAU-G update for iPhone and we will keep posting more about upcoming updates about the game.

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