How to Increase downloading speeds on chrome with this trick?

How to Increase downloading speeds on chrome? Google chrome has been the most popular web browser for internet users be it for ios, android, and Windows PC users. chrome is everyone’s go-to browser be it for searching the web, downloading videos and songs.

there are many web browsers, but none of them are as fast and simple as Google’s Chrome browser. even many of you who are reading this article are a chrome user or maybe reading this article inside your chrome browser.

As chrome maybe your primarily used browser, be it on your android, ios, and Windows devices. you may be downloading content from the web like videos and songs etc.

downloading large files take time even if you have a good internet connection and slow downloads really suck and this is why many people use file download managers like IDM( internet download manager) to boost downloading speed. what these download managers do is download your movies and songs using parallel download which gives them faster downloading speeds as compared to chrome.

but what if your chrome browser could do it too ?

yes, chrome can too download in parallel and this feature is hidden inside your chrome browser as a chrome flag. chrome flags in simple words are experimental features that you could turn on across all your devices where you use Chrome to browse the web.

so how parallel download works on chrome. parallel downloading basically splits one large file into multiple files that are downloaded in parallel and are then assembled as an original file which you have to download.

but do keep in mind, this feature is experimental and may lag your chrome browser and even may crash chrome on your device. but it’s worth giving it a try to enjoy faster downloading speed on chrome.

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Here’s how to Increase download speeds on chrome.

step 1 : open chrome browser on your device

step 2 : inside search bar, type chrome://flags

step 3 : you may be seeing a screen like the below one

chrome flags screen

step 4 : Now search for parallel download flag in the search flags bar.

step 5 : once you get parallel download flag, just enable it and boom you are done with enabling parallel downloading in your chrome browser.

step 6 : Now just restart your chrome browser to get the settings into effect.

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