LG to Shut down its mobile business: Rumours become true

In the world of Apple, Samsung, and other dominant Smartphone brands, A brand has been suffering for quite some years and now has taken a decision to shut down its smartphone business.

yes, LG electronics today has officially announced that they will be closing down their Smartphone business due to losses, that their Smartphone division has been making for years and the decision was approved by the Board of Members.

In the official press release, LG officially stated that it is closing down its Smartphone division by July 2021 and would be focusing on growth areas like AI, business-to-business solutions, smart home devices, etc.

while LG will still sell out the current phone inventory and even provide service support and updates to its current smartphone users, but the OS update rollout will vary according to different regions.

with LG closing down its Smartphone division, it will be joining the likes of Brands like Nokia and Blackberry, which once were the mobile titans and now HMD global markets and sells the Nokia Brand smartphone.

with this sad news for LG mobile lovers, the end to the Rollable smartphone seems to be true as the LG rainbow smartphone from LG may never make it to the market, and tech reviewer Rajiv Makhni about the Apparent shut from Lg to its Mobile bussiness. watch the video below.

source: Youtube

while many speculations are made that LG mobiles never had good marketing like Samsung and Apple as LG mobile was once liked by consumers all around the world and LG was also the third-largest Smartphone brand in 2013, just behind Apple and Samsung.

LG plans to shut the Mobile bussiness by July 31.

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