Microsoft Cortana app for Android and ios has been discontinued

Microsoft’s own virtual assistant Cortana, which has been a rival to Google Assistant and many other virtual Assistant Apps has been discontinued on Android. the Cortana virtual Assistant App on Android has been discontinued by Microsoft from March 31, 2021.

while the discontinuation of the Cortana app for Android and ios was announced way back in July 2020. while Cortana on Microsoft windows is still active, users who have Cortana on their devices can still access reminders, list and many other things from the Cortana App and also the Harman Kardon invoke speakers project, with which Cortana was to be integrated also has come to an end in January 2021.

while Microsoft has officially released a support page stating that the Cortana Mobile App on Android and ios devices will stop working from March 31 and also the reminders, list, and other work saved on the Cortana App can be accessed from Cortana on windows and reminders, list and to-do tasks of the Cortana App have been automatically synced with Microsoft to-do App.

you can read the Microsoft support page for Cortana discontinuation , by clicking here.

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