Move WhatsApp chats to Telegram on Android

if you are an android smartphone user and want to move your WhatsApp chats to telegram, then you are at the right place. telegram has recently rolled out a new update that lets you move your WhatsApp chats to Telegram.

this move helps telegram in driving new users to its platform after the privacy policy heat that WhatsApp is facing worldwide. Other private messaging Apps have gained attention and their downloads are on the surge.

with telegram and Signal leading in terms of download, the telegram has reported that they have gained 100 million new users to their platform, the feature will help them gain new users.

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this Simple guide will help you Move whatsApp chats to telegram on your android device.

before we start make sure you have downloaded telegram on your android device and also updated it to the latest version.

the update also lets you include media and documents from your Whatsapp chat that are to be imported to Telegram.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to move your WhatsApp chats to telegram.

Step 1 – Make sure you have downloaded Telegram and udated to its very latest version.

Step 2 – Now open your whatApp, click on the chat which you want to move to telegram.

whatsApp chat selection

Step 3 – Tap on 3 dots on the upper right corner and go to more >> then click export chat option >> and choose telegram.

WhatsApp more option menu
Whatspp export chat option.

After you have selected telegram from the options, Telegram will now import your WhatsApp chats and your work is done.

The benefit of moving your WhatsApp chats to telegram is that you will be saving a lot of space used by WhatsApp, as telegram stores data on their servers and the biggest benefit is that your data is now private and secured.

I hope this simple guide helps you move your WhatsApp chats to Telegram. if you have any doubts please comment on them below.

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