New Airship Map update released for Among Us game

One of the most popular games among smartphone users Among Us has got an all-new update from their developer Innersloth. the new update brings the Airship Map update to the highly popular game.

Among Us is a highly popular 2D multiplayer game where 4-10 players on a spaceship are preparing for departure and there is an imposter who is set to kill all of them. all the crewmates need to complete their task and vote out the imposter from the ship.

The new Airship Map was teased 3 months by the developers Innersloth as the game was gaining popularity worldwide and after waiting for over 3 months, Among Us fans have got the much-awaited Airship update. here’s the new Video from Innersloth for the new Airship update.

Downloading the Airship Map update on Among Us

As the Among Us game is free to download on both Android ad ios devices, you need to download the latest update of the Among Us game to get the new Airship Map update. just head to the google play store and Apple App Store to download the update.

what’s new in the update.

  • New Airship Map
  • new tasks and more area you can explore
  • the new reporting system for accounts
  • approval needed for underage players by parents
  • free hats like Unicorn, Zipper, heart, and Angry Eyebrows included.
  • can also purchase Airship Cosmetic Bundle

Download the update and enjoy the new Airmap update on the Among Us game.

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