Nokia phone speakers not working – problem solved

are you someone who owns a Nokia smartphone? if yes then this guide could be of your help.while Nokia phones are known for their durability and stock android experience. the sturdy build quality of the phones keeps it intact even if the phone suffers an accidental drop.

while you should handle your smartphone with care, there are times when it has a drop on the ground, accidental or liquid damage may also happen to the phone.

this guide will help you solve speaker problems on your Nokia device. sometimes loudspeaker of your Nokia smartphone may stop working if it falls on the ground or a software bug can also make this happen.

while it is advisable to get your phone checked at the service center, we can also check if our speakers are working fine and we can perform a speaker test to do that. this trick should work on all Nokia Android smartphones.

Here’s the solution to Nokia phone speakers not working

these steps were performed on a Nokia 5.1 Plus smartphone, which I own, and was suffering the same problem that speakers were not working. so I had a chat with the Nokia support person and these steps were told to me to perform the speaker test.

step 1 – first, we need to force restart our Nokia phone by pressing the volume up and power key at the same time. the phone will vibrate and will restart.

step 2 – Now open the contact dialer, and dial ##372733## and a secret menu will apper.

Nokia phone secret menu screen

step 3 – Now, from the secret menu options, select speaker-test and if you hear any sound, this means your Nokia phones Loudspeakers are working.

step 4 – Once the speaker-test is a pass, you should perform a factory data reset and take all necessary backup.

step 5 – If the speaker test fails, you should take your smartphone to the service center with your purchase bill and if your phone meets the warranty guidelines, the service will be free of cost.

so this how you can perform a speaker test on your Nokia smartphone to check if your smartphone’s loudspeakers are working.

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