How to use Sharex ( Beginners Guide) in 2021?

How to use Sharex in 2021? earlier I have written an article on the best Screenshot capturing tools for Windows and Mac PC users and had listed many free screenshot tools. I have listed 5 tools that could be a better alternative to snipping tool on Windows and Sharex was on the list too. In this guide, you will learn more about Sharex and the features it has.

while Sharex is a powerful open-source free program for taking Screenshots, it has many more useful features too. well if you are a beginner and want to learn how to use Sharex, then you are at the right place. the guide will help you how to take screenshots using Sharex, recording your screen and using the video converter, and many other features. also check out these 5 free screenshot tools.

but befor that make sure you have Sharex on your system.

As of Sharex is available on its official website.

it is available for windows 7, windows 8.1, and Windows 10. if you are a Windows 10 user, it is available on the Microsoft store as well.

lets start the Sharex guide for Beginners.

1.launching Sharex

there are 2 ways to launch Sharex on your PC. one way is to open the program directly and accessing the tools and another method is to minimize the Window, go to the system tray and make a right-click on the Sharex icon. you can find the same tools and categories listed here as well.

sharex tools image

the program window also has many hotkeys listed to make work easier like the Alt + Print Screen hotkey lets you capture the active window.

2. Taking Screenshots with Sharex

the main task for which Sharex is built is here. taking Screenshots with Sharex is quite easy and there are multiple modes as well.

open the program window and on the left pane, go to the capture option and select the mode in which you want to capture your Screen.

SCrenshot capture window

there are multiple modes to capture a screen like the fullscreen mode lets you capture an entire screen, window, monitor, region, region( transparent), region (light) capture modes. you can select the one you want and capture your screen.

3. Scrolling Capture

Sometimes you may be in need to capture an entire web page from top to bottom and the snipping tool on Windows 10 may not come in handy. but Sharex does.

to make a Scrolling capture with Sharex, open the program window and select scrolling capture, select the window and hit enter and a dialogue box will appear, just hit the start scrolling capture button and Sharex will capture an entire web page from top to bottom.

Scrolling capture window

4. Screen Recording

Sharex has a built-in Screen recording tool also but is not as feature-packed as OBS studio. but does a good job. to start recording your screen, press the Shift + Print Screen hotkey or open the program window and go to capture and select screen recording.

select the area with the cursor to record the screen. to check if recording has started, check for a red dot on the system tray, and to stop recording hit the red dot or use the Shift + Print Screen.

you can also modify the Screen recording settings in the task setting menu.

5. Video Converter

if you ever need to convert any of your video files, then you can use Sharex to do that too as it has a video converter tool also.

to convert a video file, open the program window and go to tools and select video coverter.

video converter option screen

after you have selected the video converter, this will open a new window, where you can select the input file path and output folder that lets you select a location for your converted video file.

video converter screen

you can also rename the output file name in the output file name option and select video codecs too. the video quality slider, lets you select the quality of the video file that you want to convert, where 0 is the highest quality and 51 is the lowest quality for a video file.

just select the file and click the start encoding button to start converting your video file.

6. Upload

the upload option lets you upload your files from your PC. the feature lets you upload files, folders, text, files from the clipboard and also lets you shorten the URL.

upload screen

7.Changing Themes

if you love dark themes and want to get that in Sharex, here is what you need to do. to change the theme, open the program window and go to application settings and select the option to change the theme.

there are multiple theme options like light, dark, Dracula, Nord Light, and Nord dark to select from.

these are the 7 features you should know if you are just getting started to use Sharex, while there are many more features that can be explored like OCR. QR code, image splitter, image combiner, and color picker have not been covered as they are advanced features and may come in use rarely.

please drop your thoughts in comment box, if i have missed something.

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