Tabwave : turn your browser into a productivity tool

the internet is itself a productivity tool that lets you perform every possible task from searching the web to making online transaction, everything is possible with internet. but along this , there are also distractions that will distract you from your work and you will be wasting time.if you are one who has a work from home routine , then getting your work done on time is a must.

tech giant like google itself has allowed its employees to work from home till september 2021.

even if you are student and using internet for fun or studies, there are many chnaces that you will get distracted. but if you want to be more productive , then you are reading the correct article.

tabwave is a browser extension that replaces your current browser tab with its own tab that a number of features built into. from taking notes to adding your daily goals everything in one place.

but before that you need to install tabwave extension.

to install tabwave, click here.

after installing tabwave pin it to your browser and it will ask for changing tab just like the below image.

tabwave browser tab

hit keei it and tabwave will replace your browser tab with it’s own tab.

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Features of tabwave

tabwave has a number of features that help you be productive with your browser.

  1. searchinhg the web

the search menu lets you search the web just like your browser and also lets you add shortcuts to your favorite sites. to add your favorite sites , just hit the plus icon and add your favorite sites URl.


the notes menu lets you add your sticky notes and also you can brainstorm ideas into your trab add notes, just go notes menu and add your short notes there.


Complete your daily task with the built-in task menu , that lets you add your task and will also notify the tasks you have completed.

4. bored

this menu is quite intresting , as it will help you get a random activity idea when you are bored.

5. Pomodoro clock

Tabwave has Pomodoro clock, which lets you be more productive with the 25 minutes work and 5 minute break time management technique.

hit the start button and thePomodoro clock will begin and after 25 minutes of your work, it will stop the clock for you to take a short 5 minute break.

that’s all what tabwave has. so be more productive with your browser and internet life.

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