Telegram surpasses 500 million actives users mark.

privacy is becoming serious for people and whatever policy policies WhatsApp has made in recent has made people move to other messaging apps. WhatsApp rival telegram has surpassed the 500 million active users mark. alone in the past 72 hours, the app has gained 25 million new users and is both trendings on the google play store and apple app store.

Also, another WhatsApp rival signal is also getting surges in downloads after WhatsApp clarifying that it will share data with its parent company Facebook. signal has seen 7.5 million installs globally in just 4 days

while signal also has strong support from tesla CEO Elon musk who has donated to signal. here a screenshot of Elon’s tweet.

elon musk tweet for signal app

even though WhatsApp has not seen a big decline in its download, its rival bot signal and telegram are having a surge in downloads after WhatsApp privacy policy changes and the backlash WhatsApp is facing in recent times.

here are some features of telegram that have an edge over whatsapp.

1.edit pics without resending them chats for 2,00,000 members
3.synced messages from all your devices
4.poerful video and photo editing tools
5.100% Ad-free
6.secret chats with end-to-end encryption

Also, the Telegram app’s latest version 7.3.1 new animations for new message buttons, chat folders, and much more.

WhatsApp on its official Instagram handle has posted some updates on its new privacy policy and how it works.

whatsApp instgarn post
source : WhatsApp instgram handle

let’s see how things go for Telegram.

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