Top 10 free websites to learn coding in 2021

Are you someone who is interested in learning a programming language or is trying to learn and master a programing language? learning a programing language is good and can help you land a job at your dream company like google. All you need is the desire and dedication to became a programmer and if you are someone who wants to learn the programming skills needed to build your personal website or create your mobile app and computer software, then these 10 free websites will definitely help you learn your favorite programming language and master it for free.

here’s Top 10 free websites to learn coding


Sololeran was founded in 2014. Sololearn has well-organized lectures and the User interface is friendly even if you are an absolute beginner. solo learn offers tutorials for over 50 programming languages including python, java, react, C#, ruby, and many more. they also code playground where you can share your code with the Sololearn community and also a collab with other Sololearn community members. with Q&A discussions, you can also get answers to your doubts from the community. apart from the web-version, Sololearn also has android and ios apps to learn to code on the go.

2.Dash by General Assembly

well, if you are looking to get into web development, then dash is best for you. dash is mainly focused on web- development that teaches you HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript to make modern responsive websites. there is a total of 5 projects to complete. the projects will help you learn to build your personal website, build a responsive blog theme, build a small business website, build a CSS robot and build a Madlibs game. you need to log in with email in-dash to learn web development through projects inside your browser.


Exercism was founded in 2013 and is an open-source, free online platform to learn to program. Exercism offers code practice and mentorship for free of charge. you can learn 52 different programming languages and 3000 exercises on the website. to learn to program, you need to select a programing language that you want to learn, complete a coding challenge, upload your code to get it reviewed by your mentor and unlock different concepts and exercises and finally complete the language track to achieve fluency.

4.The Odin Project

The Odin project was founded in 2013 and is another website that is focused on web development. it is a great resource to learn from if you are new to web development. the website provides curated tutorials beginning with scripts to building a fully functional responsive website. you can learn about HTML, CSS, Javascript, GIT, databases, ruby, and ruby on rails.

the Odin project is completely free and open source with 1500 contributors.


Udemy is popular for their paid courses, but there are free courses too, but difficult to find. you can find free courses on Udemy with this simple little hack. the first search for any course that you want to learn and you will see a lot of paid courses. now scroll down and in filters, select price, and hit free. boom you get free courses.

udemy free courses


freecodecamp founded in 2014 is a non-profit organization that is completely free to learn to code and also has an online community. you can learn several skills including javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and many other programming languages. the community forum at freecodecamp is the best to get help from other programmers. also you can earn free verified certificates in many programming languages.

7.MDN web docs

MDN web docs were previously known as the Mozilla developer network and is a fantastic resource for web developers. in addition to Mozilla, companies like Google and Samsung also contribute their documentation to the website.MDN web docs have a massive amount of learning tutorials for beginners. you can learn about javascript, HTML, CSS, web apps, Node.js, graphics, web extensions, and more for free.


Upskill is a quality tech training platform and the courses are designed to take you from an absolute beginner to an advanced programmer. you will learn new skills including javascript, HTML5, PHP, and MySQL along with computer science fundamentals and more. the basic courses are completely free and for the intermediate and advanced courses, you will need to take the pro-membership costing 19$ a month.


GeeksforGeeks is a very popular website on the web. it is a computer science portal that contains puzzles and well-written articles around computer science and programming languages. the site provides free learning for almost every programing language like java, python, C++, data structure tutorials. the website also has IDE where you can code online.


Edx is created by folks from MIT and Harvard. Edx is an online higher education platform with more than 160 universities offering courses. the best thing about Edx is that all courses are free and if you need a verified certificate, then you can get that too for 200$ fee.

also, it’s okay if you don’t want a certificate as even tech companies like Google, Apple, and Netflix don’t require employees to have a 4-year degree. don’t believe me, read it here.

Edx has the CS50 introduction to computer science course, which will teach you the core concepts of computer science and will make you familiar with a number of programming is a great resource, to begin with if you are entering the programming world.

hope these 10 free websites will help you learn to code.

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