Top 10 tech YouTubers in India 2021

Top 10 tech YouTubers in India. Everyone knows that youtube is the biggest platform to watch videos and learn something new. technology is loved by many of us and the Tech channels are saturated with everyone becoming a tech creator. but here we have the top 10 tech YouTubers and their channels that you should subscribe to and watch if you love watching smartphone reviews, gadget comparisons, and much more around tech.

here are the Top 10 tech YouTubers in India

1. Technical guruji by Gaurav Chaudhary

Gaurav Chaudhary is a Dubai-based Indian tech YouTuber. He is the top most popular tech YouTuber in India and he produces tech videos in Hindi. Technical Guruji channel has completed 20 Million subscribers in January 2021. He started the channel on 19th October 2015. He has uploaded more than 3496+ videos on his channel. he uploads tech-related videos like tech news, gadgets unboxing, gadgets reviews, and other technical stuff.

2. Geekyranjit by Ranjit Kumar

Geekyranjit channel is hosted by Ranjit Kumar. He is a Hyderabad-based YouTuber. He was an IT employee who has quit his job to start his own YouTube channel. He produces all videos in the English Language. In January 2021, his channel completed 3.16 Million subscribers. He produces tech-related videos, Amazon offers on tech gadgets, gadgets reviews, and gadgets comparisons.

3. Trakin tech by Arun Prabhudesai.

Arun Prabhu Desai sir created the Trakin tech channel. his Channel grew very fast and he gained 5 Million subscribers in only 22 months. his channel is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in India. Trakin tech youtube channel was created in 2011 but he is actively uploading videos from  2017. He has created many channels like Trakin tech Marathi, tracking tech English, etc. Trakin tech channel has the latest unboxing videos, smart tv videos, and other technology videos. the channel has 7.46 Million subscribers and 2300+ videos. Arun Prabhu Desai sir is also a very popular Indian tech blogger. radar by Amit Bhawani.

Phoneradar youtube channel is created by Amit Bhawani. Amit Bhawani is also a tech blogger.   He is also a very good friend of Gaurav Chaudhary from the technical guruji channel as both have collaborated on multiple videos. he mostly uploads gadget comparison videos, tech stories, performance comparisons, and smartphone review videos.

5.Tech burner by shlok Srivastav.

Tech burner is created by Shlok Srivastav. He produces videos in the Hindi language. He has two channels one is tech burner and the second channel is shlok Srivastav. He creates tech-related videos like unboxing, gadgets review, etc. He also covers tech news. tech Burner Youtube channel has completed 5.03 Million subscribers and a total of 650+ videos are uploaded on the channel.

6.Beebom by Rupesh sinha

Beebom Youtube channel was founded by Devinder Maheshwari, Kapil Jindal, Rupesh Sinha, Akshay Gangwar, and Pratik Tyagi. These five friends group created the Beebom YouTube channel on 9 Feb 2016. They also have a website known as a Beebom. Beebom channel has tech-related stuff like gadgets reviews, gadgets comparisons, DIY tricks, the alternative of apps, etc. They cover different topics in five members. the channel has 2.15 million subscribers.

7. igyaan by Bharat Nagpal

igyaan is one of the best tech YouTube channels in India. igyaan channel is founded by Bharat Nagpal. Bharat Nagpal also runs a website by the same name. He is from Delhi city and talks about the new tech-related stuff like gadgets review, gadgets comparison and also gives giveaways to subscribers. In January 2021 the channel completed 1.04 Million subscribers and has over 2000+ videos total uploaded in the channel.

8. C4eTech by Ashwin Mukundan

C4etech is a famous Youtube channel in the tech category. Ashwin Mukundan is a Chennai-based YouTuber and the founder of C4etech. He is passionate about new gadgets, as this is why he started his Youtube channel. He has 2 youtube channels,c4etech and the other is c4etech Tamil. In both channels, he talks about new gadgets, gadgets reviews, and much more about tech. c4etech Youtube channel has 1.82 million subscribers.

9. TechBar by Sanchit Shokeen

Sanchit Shokeen founded the TechBar youtube first, he uploaded photoshop tutorials and then started producing tech-related content. he uploads videos around tech news, gadgets reviews, gadgets unboxing, comparison between gadgets, and many more. The TechBar Youtube channel has 2.1 million subscribers.

10. GT Hindi

GT Hindi is a Hindi tech channel. GT stands for Guiding tech. the channel is very popular among the Hindi audience. you can watch buying guides videos, tech reviews, App comparisons, audio accessory comparisons, and other videos around tech.GT Hindi Youtube channel is owned and operated by Padre Media. the channel has 1.67 million subscribers and 950+ videos.

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